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The action I choose is divorce. In my opinion, this action is wrong. My first cousin’s parents filed for a divorce. He’s the cousin whom I am closet to so this makes the matter of divorce somewhat personal to me.  It caused a lack of a father figure for him. He has never told me anything about this, but I figured it out based on the way he acts. For example, talking about his “real” dad is taboo. Every time the topic is about his “real” dad, he becomes sad. When he mentions it, he refers to his real dad as his “old dad”. In addition to this, he always tells me how he and his dad now argue about small things and how his dad now favors his little sister.


Yes, there are situations wherein this action is considered wrong but neither bad nor sinful. To qualify for the action to be sinful, the actor could freely choose to do or not to do the action, and was not influenced by coercion or fear. Having this in mind, take for example a woman who is beaten up constantly. The woman can freely choose to do or not to do action; however, she wants to file for a divorce due to fear that her husband will not stop beating he. Because of the influence of fear, we cannot say that this act is sinful, but rather a natural defense mechanism. 


In my opinion, I am a moral evaluativist. I take the general principal of the church in my mind, while I also reflect on the situation. This can be seen in the way I talked question number 2. 




If a friend came to me for advice, I will not directly mention anything about how the Church believes what marriage should  because this will give make it look like a lecture. I’d slowly suggest ways of seeing the problem then I will incorporate factors that I learned from my CLE class – the Roads of Reason, Caution, and Suspicion. 


It’s kind of hard to explain how it will go so I will create a conversation below to show how I’ll tackle it. 


Imaginary guy’s name is Bob. Imaginary girl’s name is Bea. 


Bob: Hey Miki!


Me: Hey Bob! What’s up? 


Bob: I’m thinking of having a divorce with my wife.


Me: Why?


Bob: It’s kind of hard to explain.


Me: Well … I think you should think about the situation if it’s really the right thing to do or not. I think you should reflect on the real motive of why you’re filing for a divorce. Since from what I know, basing your decision solely on pleasure or to avoid pain is the wrong way to go about things. 


Bob: I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong so there’s not much point in reflecting on my motives.


Me: Yah. I kind of know what you’re feeling but it’s not really a good thing to do. If you aren’t sure if your act is wrong or not, assume it’s wrong; by doing so, you’ll be able to reflect on the real motives of your action, then decide for yourself if you should carry on with your decision. 


Bob: I think I’ll do that. I’ll get back to you when I’ve made up my mind. 


Me: All right. Bye. 


Bob : Bye




BHA is used to keep fats from becoming rancid. BHA is also used a de-foaming agent for yeast.


Like BHA, BHT prevents the oxidative rancidity of fats. 



The chemical properties of BHA and BHT, which make them excellent preservatives, may cause harm to our health. The oxidative properties of BHA and BHT may contribute to carcinogenicity. In addition to this, there have been conditions linked to these synthetic antioxidants such as allergies, joint paint, head ache. drowsiness, stomach problems, weight gain, and etc. 


In my opinion, I still think that we should use synthetic antioxidants. Even though there are a number of illnesses linked to using synthetic antioxidants, these links are just possibilities. In addition to this, BHA and BHT has undergone extensive review by the US Food and Drug Administration.  




Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified foods are awesome. The benefits of using genetically modified foods simply outweigh the draw backs.

Based on statistics, the world’s population totals 6 billion people, and it is forcasted that in 50 years time, the population of the Earth will double. Because of this, we need the help of our buddy, genetically modified food, to feed everyone in the world.

Genetically modified foods ensure a higher harvest yield, and are beneficial to the body.

The benefits of genetically modified food are listed below

– pest resistance

– herbicide tolerance

– disease resistance

– cold tolerance

– drought/salinity tolerance

– nutrition

– pharmceuticals –> Medicines and vacines are costly and are not readily available to third world countries. Researchers are trying to develop edible vaccines in tomatoes and potatoes.

In conclusion, I think genetically modified foods are the superheroes of tomorrow.






Today, in Chemistry, we were tasked to make fish crackers using different oils such as butter, palm oil, vegetable oil, canola oil.

I can’t identify the difference between palm, vegetable and canola oil. To me, they all taste the same. However, using butter for coking gives the fish cracker a creamier and a little nuttier taste.


VC with South Dartmouth

The VC with South Dartmouth had a lot of firsts for me.

– It was the first time we talked to girls only.

– It was the first time we talked to a small group compromised of 3 girls who look like characters from Harry Potter.

– It was the first time that we had a conversation without much technical difficulty.


The VC started off with my best buddy, Mr. Ian Jamison, facilitating the group and asking icebreakers to both parties. Initially, it was a bit awkward. I could sense that the girls just woke up so they didn’t seem that engaging. In addition to this, I had a feeling that it was a little weird for the girls talking to a bigger group compromised of only boys.


However, after a while, the tension went away, and then we started talking about more profound concepts such as material and spiritual wealth. I honestly feel that the conversations and discussions were one-sided, it was us, the boys from Xavier School, who was giving more input. In my opinion, excluding the girl who looks like luna, the other two students from South Dartmouth seemed hesitant to share their own personal insights.


Despite this, I believe that both parties gained a new insight regarding spiritual and material wealth.


I felt that the time allotted for the VC was too short. My buddy, Ian Jamison, cut the discussion because we have exceeded the allotted time to talk, but I was sure both parties still had something more to say.


People find it weird because it is exotic to them.

Food is something that makes the grumbling in the tummy go away.

I consider normal food to be the food that I’m used to eating. Strange food such as balot is considered normal to me because it’s part of my cultural upbringing, and therefore it’s not alien to me.

1. cod fish sperm

2. tuna eye

3. lamb brain

4. dried lizard










The CLE Checklist

3 Most Relevant List
1. literary appreciation of the bible
2. epistomological world views
3. social justice

2 Most Important Skills Learned
1. the 3As (Awareness –> Analysis –> Action)
2. close reading of the bible

The poor aren’t poor because they are lazy but because there are a lack of opportunities and social constructs keep them there.

In the New Testament, Jesus mentions the “poor” 11 times – Matthew 11:5, Matthew 19:21, Matthew 26:11, Mark 10:21, Mark 14:7, Luke 4:18, Luke 7:22, Luke 14:13, Luke 14:21, Luke 18:22, and John 12:8. From this, it can be said that Jesus places great value on them. The crux of the issue is why does Jesus value the poor. There are two ways of viewing this issue.

First, giving value to the oppressed allowed Jesus to gain a large number of followers, critical mass. Jesus preached during the times of Roman Rule, so there must have been a good handful of marginalized people.

Latter, Jesus logically reasoned it out. He came up with the idea of social justice, giving more to those who have less. In my opinion, Jesus noticed certain social structures limiting some back (a modern-day example would be the capitalism exploiting workers like in farms ,and in SM), thus, making the idea give more to those who have less, rational.

SM Immersion

Sense Perception

After a hard but tiring work day, I realized how hard it is to be a worker. Entering the employees entrance was like entering a dark scary cave with an evil mountain troll guarding the place. The resting area was hot, humid, and dirty.  I can’t really say that SM is really like that because they were undergoing renovation. When I first exited the employees enhance, the familiar smell of the supermarket hit me. The supermarket has different smells. For the not fresh food, they smell like the normal supermarket smell while the different fresh food areas smell differently. The supermarket area was lit better with more warm lights so it’s more pleasing to the eyes. The employee’s rest area was light with white light so it was well lighted but it didn’t look so nice to the eye.


Working as a bagger seemed really easy at  the start. You just grab a bag, then put the groceries inside. However, after some time, I soon realized that it was some hard work. Standing for  a long time hurts my feet. It was the worst feeling ever; it was like standing on glass..


So from my very first day working as a bagger, I soon realized that i it was hard to be them.




At first, I was really excited and game to work, but then the next day, I realized how easily demotivated I am. I’m not sure if my fellow baggers will feel the same way because they are working for their lives, while I, on the other hand, am just doing it for free. It’s possible that the baggers and other SM employee staff may feel motivated to work in order to put food on the table.


But don’t they get bored? I got so bored working as a bagger; the job was just too monotonous for me. I think they can survive the boredom because they usually talk and joke around with each other. Talking and sharing jokes with each other makes your job more enjoyable. At the end of the day, what choice do they have? They choose to talk and share jokes because it takes their mind of work and makes the feel happier.



“Ano kayo sineswerte?!” On my first day on the job as a SM bagger,  an old lady told me this (She didn’t want to pay for a 2 peso plastic bag on MOB or no plastic day). This short phrase sums up my two main SM realizations – people are defined by their presence or absence of opportunities and people don’t give the same amount of dignity to others because of their job.


I believe that the employees are in SM because they have a lack of opportunity. This opportunity can be financial or any other thing you can think of. That’s why luck, swerte, plays an important role in defining a person.


The angry customer didn’t see the workers as her equals. She was adamant and didn’t care to listen to the explanation of the cashier and the manager. I believe she was extremely rude to them because she believes that she has the right to do so since she is at a higher level than them.


From this, I can see the power of language expressing or conveying a certain message as seen from my 2 realizations.